How To Wear Printed Socks

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A subtle way to show personality in an outfit is by adding print and colour, so this week I’ll show you how to wear printed socks.

It takes someone comfortable in his style to pull off a printed sock, but you don’t have to be a style extraordinaire to do it. This look is perfect for the races, derby day, cocktail parties and smart casual work environments and helps you to look like the perfect gentleman when out and about.


This style works best when you stick with colours that are already in the outfit you’re wearing. A great starting point is to match your socks to your trouser colour. This will help you work your way into the style without overdoing it.

How to wear printed socks | men's fashion | men's sock suits
How to wear printed socks | men's fashion | men's sock suits


Now you’re used to wearing some coloured socks and you can see them becoming a signature thing for you, you can start branching out to a few prints. Start with stripes, checks and polka dots before you start on the fun shapes and icons. These types of prints can be suitable in certain work environments like creative industries, advertising and marketing but pick your crowd, more conservative workplaces may not like them.


The sock world is your oyster, cuff your casual pants to show off your socks. When off to cocktail parties or special events, have your suit trousers just touching your shoes so as you walk so your printed socks can be seen. Look for prints in different shapes and branch out from stripes, polka dots and checks. If you want to make a bolder statement, wear socks in contrasting colours to your outfit.


Wondering where to find the best socks to complete your outfit? Happy Socks is my favourite bright sock brand for my male clients, there are also some great options in Myer’s menswear department and in suiting stores like MJ Bale.

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