How To Wear Black On Black

How To Wear Black On Black | Layering Black Outfits | Women's Styling Tips


While most of us can agree that black is one of the main colours in our wardrobes, we can’t all agree that we know how to wear it without looking like a walking black blob of poor style choices. Fear not, I’m here with some more tips, this time it’s how to wear black on black in the best possible way.

There are four components to be mindful of when wearing all the same colour and they’ll help you make the right choices when it comes to putting your looks together:

Texture + Structure + Flow + Fit = Effortless Black On Black Style (Or any single colour worn head to toe!)

How To Wear Black On Black | Layering Black Outfits | Women's Styling Tips | Fashion Quotes



Wearing the same fabric from head to toe is boring and can look sloppy. When you mix various textures, you’re adding depth to your outfit. Remember; you don’t need to worry about adding multiple textures that match, as long as the textures you’re wearing are black, it will work for your look.


Black is a slimming colour, but only if you wear it the right way. There has to be at least one structured component of your outfit when wearing all the same colour to ensure that you don’t lose your shape. This could be in the form of a jacket, coat, skirt or top and can even be used in the form of larger, bulkier accessories.


We all love to slip on something loose and comfortable but knowing just how comfortable and loose we should be is something we need to be taught. Ensure that where you put your flowing fabric is in an area you would like to bring more attention to as it emphasises the part of your body that it sits on and moves as you do. A great example of this would be to wear a slightly longer style flowy top under a structured jacket like a blazer.


The holy grail of all things style is fit. Make sure your pants and sleeves aren’t too long. Check your clothes aren’t pulling or restricting your movements. Effortless style includes effortless movements so you can go about the rest of your life gliding past people in beautiful outfits! If you love wearing black on black, make sure those pieces you own are tailored well and fit like a dream, your whole outfit will look miles better with just this box ticked alone!

How To Wear Black On Black | Layering Black Outfits | Women's Styling Tips | Summer and Winter Ideas

Lastly, if wearing head to toe black is a new adventure for you and you feel it’s not working, add a contrasting shoe or bag and expose some skin. A little ankle, a v-neck or a bit more arm can take that look from basic to BANANAS!

How do you feel about wearing black on black? Honestly, sometimes it makes me feel like a chic Professor Snape and I can only do it for so long until I have to wear colour again. If you’re giving it a try and feeling fabulous, tag me on Instagram in your outfit post @alarnahope!

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