How To Style Statement Coats

This week I’ve been wearing my lovely hot pink statement coat just about everywhere during personal shopping sessions in Sydney. It made me think of all the other beautiful statement coats in people’s wardrobes that might not be getting as much wear because they don’t know how to style statement coats with colours other than black!

So this week I decided to make a video on how to pick a statement coat and how to choose colours to match with it. I used examples from my own wardrobe, like my pink, green and red statement coats but also show examples of fabulously styled coat in a variety of colour schemes. You can check out that video below.

Statement Coat Shopping! Green, Red & Pink Coat OUTFIT IDEAS!

What is the best colour to buy a statement coat in?

When you’re buying a statement coat, always consider what colours you already wear the most. Then choose a coat in either a contrasting colour, so what you already have at home will pop with your coat. As an. example if this, if you own lots of blue, oranges will contrast. Remember these don’t have to be the boldest versions of these colours, you can opt for deep dark burnt oranges or soft pastel oranges.

What fabric should a statement coat be?

How heavy your coat is matters because if it’s too heavy you might only wear it a few times a year – and that’s a shame for such a beautiful coat to only go on a few outings! It’s important that you can wear this coat with lots of things, so I recommend looking for statement coats that aren’t too heavy, that way you can also wear things like knitwear underneath it! Wool coats with a light lining are often best, I advise against buying statement coats that have a lot of down in them as these might not be as versatile.

How do I match my coat with my other clothes?

I love to play around with colour, whether that’s by pairing complementary colours, monochromatic colours and analogous colours. You can make so many beautiful combinations by just playing with colour. In my video above I provide a breakdown of some easy ways to play with colour, there’s also this fabulous colour scheme making website you can add the colour of your coat to and get colour matching ideas from it.

I’ve also made a Pinterest board full of statement coat outfit ideas, you can check that out below.

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