How To Style Plus Size Skinny Jeans

how to style plus size skinny jeans

When I pick up a pair of skinny jeans or slim leg jeans for a client who ranges from a size 16 and up, I’m met with a cautious look.

“I don’t think skinny jeans are for me.” They will say and it’s true, for some people, skinny jeans aren’t perfect. For some clients, it’s not their style, but you can wear a skinny jean when you’re plus size and make them look fabulous – it comes down how you style them.

The skinny jean, if you’re unsure, is a pair of jeans that are completely fitted through the hips, backside and legs. The perfect skinny jean isn’t a jegging or legging style, they’re good quality denim that’s stiff and should feel firm when you’re wearing them. Apart from choosing a good quality denim jean, you should also know what rise to go for and what you should be wearing on your feet and on your top half. So below I’ll show you how to style plus size skinny jeans with these things in mind.

What cut to choose

My favourite styles for plus size women are mid to high rise as they show off the waist more and elongate the torso. A hipster pair of skinny jeans will cut into your lower hip and create a bulging effect around your stomach. Avoid styles called ‘spray on’ or ‘super skinny’ as these aren’t forgiving and will stretch out faster than regular jeans leaving you with a saggy backside and thigh area.

How To Wear Plus Size Skinny Jeans

What Shoes To Wear With Plus Size Skinny Jeans

The best shoes are flesh tone or ones that show most of your foot. Pick a strappy number or a flat with a slight heel to lift you off the ground.

Hem Your Jeans

Cuffing or hemming your jeans to just above the ankle will make your legs look a mile long. If you leave your jeans un-hemmed, you’ll have excess fabric around your ankles that will make you look shorter than you actually are.

Pick Your Colour

Opt for a solid colour over a jean with fading, you can choose from a range these days and don’t always have to go for blue. Black, green and maroon are great colours for colder months and will stop you from feeling like your jeans are getting boring.


Despite popular belief, wearing a tunic style top over your jeans isn’t as flattering as wearing a regular length top that skims your figure, with a necklace or scarf that sits high on your chest. If you wear a longer style top, you’ll look shorter and fuller in the hip and backside area. If you wear a regular length or even a style you can front tuck, your legs will always look longer and you’ll bring more attention to your fabulous waist! If you want to read up more on layering, check out this fabulous post I wrote!

how to wear plus size skinny jeans

Avoid Rips

If you really love the ripped style jean, opt for a boyfriend style instead of a skinny. Many of the ripped skinny jean styles have wide rips along the knee and thigh, this actually makes you lose the lovely shape of your legs and makes your leg look more like it’s all the one shape. As us Effortless Bitches are more into our effortless classic style anyway, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that investing in ripped jeans is a waste of money as they’re a trend piece.

Add your top layer

In the colder months, you’ll likely want to wear a fabulous coat or jacket with your jeans and top, the best options will be a significantly different length to where your top ends. For example, if you are wearing an untucked top that ends mid-crotch, you’re better to wear a jacket that finishes above the hip or one that ends just above the knee. If your top and jacket end close to the same area, you’ll look like your body lacks shape.

When In Doubt

 If you’re ever having an off day or are in a hurry to run out the door, throw on your skinny jeans and a small nude heel with a loose tee and a necklace that sits high on your chest. It’s flattering, foolproof and flawless.

If you have a favourite plus size skinny jeans brand, let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to jump over to my insta @alarnahope and say hello!


  1. Avatar for Mona Louisa

    i always have problems in a jean look. i find my muumy tummy always falls over it and when i wear high spanks the jeans slip down the tummy slide. Its really uncomfortable. I have spent small fortunes on finding the right jean.
    I tend to fall into the trap of wearing an over sized top due to the tummy trauma expereince.

    In regular sizes I am a 20 in plus sized brand jeans i am a 16 or 14. I am classic plus sized apple and used to be an hour glass shape. I am all check stomachs and bottom high , close spine. Since the bottom trend it has been easier to find jeans. but they still slip down under the tummy gaps!!!

    I would like to believe that there are jeans for us out there!!!!

    1. Avatar for ALARNA HOPE

      I know what you mean, Mona. Jeans that slip can mean a few things, one: the thighs are too tight, two: the waist is too loose or three: the seat/crotch seam is too big. You could try on jeans to fit your biggest part and alter the other areas. If it’s your midsection that’s the biggest, get a nice fit there and slim the jean leg and seat. You’re likely getting the gap under your tummy because the seat is too big compared to the proportions of the fit model they used when manufacturing the jeans. Also, make sure when you buy your jeans you choose a nice firm fit in the area you’re biggest, all jeans stretch out and the more they stretch the more they sag, so let them be a little snug to start off with so they adjust nicely on your figure. Goodluck! x

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