How To Style Brown Ankle Boots With Jeans

how to style brown ankle boots - a video by fashion stylist Alarna Hope

It’s been a big few weeks back at work for me and as the temperatures here in Sydney have been a little on the cooler side I’ve noticed all the boot wearers strutting around town – but mostly wearing black boots!

So to help those who need a little push out of their comfort zone, I wanted to make this weeks post and video about how to style brown ankle boots! Don’t worry I included a few black and printed boots examples too!

Firstly, just like black, brown is a neutral tone – which means it can often serve as a base colour to build outfits from. Even if you don’t wear brown in your clothing and you really only wear brown in your accessories, you can still wear brown easily and mix it with your wardrobe.

How To Style Brown Ankle Boots | + Black & Printed Boots With Jeans!


Browns come in all different shades and we know for certain that brown looks great with other neutrals like grey, black, beige, grey and white. But what about other colours? Well, I’m super excited to inform you that brown is one of those colours you can’t really go wrong with. An easy way to work colour in with brown ankle boots is to wear basics in neutral tones and add one pop of colour. In my video above I’ve got a few colour palette examples using pinks, oranges, blues and greens to show you how you can blend these colours with brown and still look fabulous.


I’m glad you asked because all that excess fabric bunching up around our ankles is not doing our boots justice! There are three ways to work with the bottom of your jeans and that depends on the type of jeans you’re wearing the boots with:


CUFF: You can fold up your jeans once or twice above the boot and leave a small space between the boot and the jean. This shows off the boot and gives your outfit a little more of a styled touch. If you have ankle boots that are more of a sock boot, you don’t need to leave the gap between the boot and the jean. You can just cuff these over the boot.

TUCK: For regular ankle boots, you can tuck your skinny jean into your boot. I recommend wearing a sock in a similar colour to either your jean or your boot so that, if you need to, you can use your sock to keep your jean in place.

DON’T: If the opening of your boot is quite wide, I don’t recommend pulling your jean over your boot – it just won’t stay in place and will bother you as you walk around.

This week I also went ahead and created a Pinterest board full of winter boot styling ideas.


CUFF: You can cuff your jean just above or just on your boot. If your boots are quite fitted around the ankle or end relatively high on your ankle, cuffing your jean over them will make your ankles look slimmer.

PULL OVER: Because the bottom of your jean is wider, you can often pull your jean hem over your boot and create a nice long looking line through your body.

DON’T: Tuck these jeans into ankle boots, they’ll bunch up and create a puffy look to thee bottom of your jeans.

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