How To Care For Your Skin In Winter

how to care for your skin in winter

I have this problem in winter where I get dry skin between my eyebrows.

Being in and out of heated shopping centres all day with clients and then in the cold outside can really give my skin a less than flawless glow. So I had a chat with my sister, Liv Slee, the one whose face always looks flawless. And she’s kindly shared her advice on how to care for your skin in winter so that myself and you gorgeous creatures can look soft and flawless and not like we’ve never seen an exfoliating scrub in our lives.


According to Liv, it all starts with your drinking habits. My daily skim mocha and table water routine, mixed with one or two nights of a glass of Moscato after dinner each week apparently doesn’t cut it. Liv says that if we’re drinking coffee daily, in and out of heated environments and love our fizzy drink – we should be drinking much more water to hydrate our skin.

how to care for your skin in winter


Liv thinks moisturizing is super important, more than any other time of year you should be slapping on the moisturiser to really protect your skin. Now, because we want to look the best we can for our age (hello, Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren), using moisturiser even when you’re not wearing makeup is important. Liv did recommend a particular moisturizer she loves and uses called; ‘Anti-Ageing Restorative Moisture’, I wouldn’t say it too much as it could cause fine lines and wrinkles. She did mention it’s a little more expensive than the go-to’s at Priceline but said it’s worth the investment as it also helps with evening out the skin tone and pigmentation.


These days there are so many ways to exfoliate but take extra care in winter. Exfoliating methods that are too tough on the skin can actually do more harm than good to your top layer, which can cause breakouts and all that nasty stuff. A slightly softer exfoliation routine in winter is what Liv recommends and she’s got a particular affection for the soft setting on her Clarisonic once a week and a product she loves called Sunday Riley’s – Good Genes’.

How to care for your skin in winter



Beauty Oil’s seem like a bit of a trendy thing but they’ve been around longer than moisturisers. I actually love my rose hip oil and find it makes my skin feel so soft if I put it on before bed. Liv also recommends you use a night oil instead of a day oil as wearing an oil under makeup can make you look sweaty and like you’ve had a very long morning. Because you’re chicer than that, Liv said a fabulous option is the Virgin Marula Luxury Night Oil by Drunk Elephant.


When Liv mentioned this, I asked her what everyone was thinking (you’re welcome) and that was ‘Do we have to shave first?’ I shave my legs less in winter and wondered if it was still effective to body brush with a little hair on my legs – the answer was yes. You can actually body brush before a shower, shave your legs (I checked and this is optional) and then you’ll have less dry skin and more glowy skin. Liv recommends a little trip to the body shop for the Cactus Brush.

And to put my two cents in, I also tend to switch foundations in winter as my skin gets dryer and in summer it’s balmier. Keep this in mind if you’re finding that lately, your makeup seems a little flat.


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