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T-Shirts are a basic in anyone’s wardrobe, but especially a man’s wardrobe. They’re worn year-round as a single piece or under layers and can be a piece heavily relied upon. With that in mind, I think we should learn how a t-shirt should fit so that every time we’re updating our wardrobe basics we’re nailing it.


Tee’s will come in a few different cuts and these can refer to the neckline, how close or loose fitting the body of the shirt is and the length.


Firstly, you’ve got a few choices of necklines.

Crew neck: is the most common neckline and is round in shape. This neckline should sit flat against your skin, all the way around the bottom of your neck. The neckline should not be completely covering the dip between your collarbones.

V-neck: The V-Neck can be lovely and great for bringing a little more attention to your face. On the flip side, it can be over-bearing if the V is too deep. If the V-Neck dips below your armpit line, I will be upset as this is considered ‘too deep’. The deep V is a dated style but if it has to be worn, wear it to the gym or the beach. Opt for a V-Neck that sits just below where your collarbone dips. If any part of it pulls or wrinkles around the neck, you most likely need to size up.

Henley Cut: This style of tee can either look very rugged, or like a pj shirt from Peter Alexander, fashioned into daywear. To avoid the latter, avoid buying these in bright colours. Henley’s should be unbuttoned at the top button only if you’re more of a classic guy, if you want to show a little more chest, undo the second button but never the third button. The buttons should not pull across your chest, if they do, size up.

How should a men's t-shirt fit?



If you’re wearing a regular t-shirt, the sleeves should line up with your nipple line. You don’t want the sleeves sitting too far above or below this area, as the shirt can look too small or too big for you.

The seam that’s on the shoulder should be sitting just on the edge of your shoulder. The armpits shouldn’t be clinging or pulling uncomfortably as you’ll have visible sweat marks and the armholes are more likely to stretch and sag.

If the seam is sitting off your shoulder and the shirt isn’t an oversized or relaxed fit, you need to try a size down. Make sure that the sleeves are lightly skimming or loosely hugging your biceps.


You’ll have a few choices when it comes to the fit; slim, regular and relaxed. Slim should just skim your shape without gripping or pulling across your chest. Regular is cut more straight in the body and should drop in a straight line from the chest. Relaxed is a loose cut that often is a little longer in fit. No matter the cut, you shouldn’t have visible a belly button dip, almost visible chest hair or any pulling in your garments chest. Regardless of body shape, you should be able to easily hold about an inch of fabric on either side of your torso.

How a t-shirt should fit



Brands will sometimes offer different length options like tall and regular fit. A tall fit will pass your backside if you aren’t more than 6ft 1, but this doesn’t mean they’re off the table. If you are a little curvier in the stomach and hip area and are nearing 6ft, this is a great option as they’ll give you a little more room in the mid-section.

No matter your height, your shirt should end mid-crotch. Mid-crotch is halfway down your fly and ensuring your tee’s end here will keep you looking in proportion. A t-shirt shorter than this can make you look like you’re all legs and no torso, a shirt that covers your crotch completely can give you the effect of all torso and shorter legs. For the happy medium, opt for your tee’s to end mid-crotch.

Am I making you think twice about your t-shirt drawer? Fabulous! If you’re looking for the perfect fit, a few of my favourites are Citizen Wolf, Industrie, Marcs (For shorter & slimmer fits), Saba for tall fits and Bonds for a classic fit tee.

Did you like this fit guide? Great, there’s more! Have a poke around and if there’s anything you want to learn about regarding fit, leave a comment below!

Happy hunting! x

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