How To Give Yourself More Shape With Clothing

How To Give Yourself More Shape With Clothing

give yourself more shape with clothing

Sometimes when we get dressed, we just can’t put our finger on the reason why that when our outfit seemed great in our minds, we ended up looking like a block with manicured fingernails, which is not the look we were going for.


It’s happened to everyone and there’s a few reasons behind it and today, because Effortless Bitches are all about sharing, I’m sharing those tips with you.


First things first, your body is not the problem, it’s not because you have a certain size waist, bust or hips that stop you from having a great shape. Your clothes aren’t the problem either and you don’t have bad taste. What’s making you look shapeless is the way in which your outfits are put together and the shapes you’re choosing. When dressing to show your shape, you have to keep a few things in mind:


Your Boobs: Bra’s are meant to support you, so it’s important you get a bra fitting, even if you think you know your size. If you haven’t been fitted in the last year, make a trip to a department store and get fitted. When you are wearing the right bra, it is surprising how much more of a waist you’ve got. Stand in front of the mirror with just your bra on and try pulling your bust up by the tops of the cups. If you can pull them up to a natural height and you look like you have a longer torso – it’s time for a new bra.

give yourself more shape with clothing

Give Yourself More Shape With Clothing:


Your Structure VS. Flow Ratio: When dressing, you need to have a balance of structure and flow in your outfits. Structure refers to firm fabrics and garments (think of blazers & tailored shirts) and flow refers to fluid fabrics (think of flowing skirts, sheer fabrics and silk blouses). When you can add a little of both into your outfit, it will look balanced. Too much structure can make you look blocky and stiff and too much flow can make you look like a blob so aim to mix the two.


Your Clothing Needs Tailoring: The four most important things to remember are pants, shirts, sleeves and shoulders. Your pants should be hemmed to the right length so you’re not allowing extra fabric to pool around your ankles and give you kankles, if your pants require quite a bit of fabric to be removed, ask your tailor to taper the lower leg so you don’t end up with odd shaped pants.


It’s easy to wear your shirts, straight off the rack and wonder why they just don’t look as good as others you might have. If they’re a little loose through the mid section, consider having darts added through the back and around the bust. If you feel like the shirt is wearing you, look at the length, it may be a little too long for your figure.


Your sleeve length is also really important, just like pant length, if you have extra fabric heaping around your wrists, your arms will look shorter and wider. Have any extra fabric taken up and follow this by ensuring the shoulders of all your shirts, jackets and coats are sitting properly. If your shoulders aren’t sitting right they can make your arms and chest look overly broad and a little unflattering.


Your Layering Lengths: If you’re a fan of layering or you’d like to give it a try, remember that you need to mix structured fabrics but also remember that your layers shouldn’t end at the same point. Layering looks best when each item has a noticeable difference of length than the other. If your layers stop at the same point, you’ll cut yourself in half and end up looking blocky – which is the exact opposite of what we’re after!


Your Waist: The goal for me with every female client is to show off the waist, regardless of how pronounced it may or may not be. Remember that no matter how much layering you do this winter, or the thick fabrics you wear, that you have a waist and the curves of it should show (even a little) through the fabrics you wear.


If you want to learn more about giving yourself shape with clothing, click through to some of these posts and prepare your wardrobe for Effortless Bitchiness!

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