Five Wardrobe Essentials To Invest In

Five Wardrobe Essentials To Invest In

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We’ve seen all the must-have’s lists online and the ‘hot trends’ seasonal blog posts, so if you thought this was one of them, I don’t apologise for wearing my practical (and timeless) pants and telling you no.


We will not be talking about trends or must haves today. Today we’re talking about wardrobe essentials that you should invest a little more money and effort into in order to add something great and long lasting to your wardrobe.


Your Bra: I am a preacher when it comes to underwear. Buy the best bra you can afford and your shape will pay you back ten-fold. Make sure you’re fitted by a professional as your sizing may vary brand to brand. And remember, just because the fabric of your bra can’t be seen, doesn’t mean other Effortless Bitches can’t tell you’re wearing the wrong bra.


Great Nude Heels: Praise the person who decided nude heels should be a thing, because they make your pins look longer and 99.9% of your outfits look better. Wear them all year around, even on a fat day and you’ll feel fantastic. Just invest in a great quality pair with a sturdy heel and you’ll be power-walking like a pro.


Core Jewellery: Yep, there is such a thing. Your core jewellery pieces are made up of whatever metal you wear the most of on a daily basis, if that’s gold, silver, rose gold or gunmetal, that’s up to you. Just get yourself a few good statement accessories in your core metal and your wardrobe options will expand dramatically.


The Best Jeans: Many of my clients get their jeans from Jeanswest, Witchery, General Pants or Levi’s, but jeans are quite personal and the fit varies for every single booty that shimmy’s into them, so shop around and don’t buy the overly stretchy option. The better quality the jean, the longer they’ll last.


Bitch Tip: To stop you from getting a flat bum and having them sag after a few washes, make sure they’re slightly uncomfortable when you buy them as they’ll stretch, and add a little salt to the machine when you wash them to help sustain their dye.


five wardrobe essentials to invest in

An AH-Mazing Blazer: They go with just about everything, if you can get one in a versatile fabric like a ponti fabric, you’ll be wearing it to the office, on the weekend and out at night with friends. Make sure you pay attention to whether or not it’s lined, the sleeve length (which is an inexpensive alteration) and the shoulder seam. If the shoulder seam droops and gives you a gaping look around your shoulder, size down, if it’s sitting on your shoulder bone and making the top of your arm look bulgy, it’s too small so size up. Buying a jacket that doesn’t fit around the shoulders properly will be an expensive alteration and will likely cost you the price of the jacket.


At the moment, the mid season sales are on, so take advantage of them for your essentials and invest at a good price. Even though these items may seem boring by themselves, remember that they’re the bread and butter of your wardrobe, they’re not meant to be exciting, they’re meant to make your statement pieces stand out and make you look effortless!

Alarna Hope

Alarna Hope is a fashion stylist and writer based in Sydney, she's considered an expert in her field as a personal stylist and is also quite good at writing about herself in the third person. She cries during movie makeover scenes, has a jar of Nutella under her bed for safety and can tell you the synopsis of every Kath and Kim episode ever. She currently resides in Sydney with her Oscar-worthy cat, Meryl Streep.

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