How to remove that shoe odour from your closet \ How to stop your shoes from smelling

Remove That Shoe Odour From Your Closet

Because we wear our shoes for long periods of time, experience different heat levels, sweat into them, get dirt on them, we get them wet – then if we have a shoe closet or closed in area for our shoes, we pop them away.

When do you need to dry clean your clothes? Dry cleaning guide.

When Do You Need To Dry Clean Your Clothing?

I’ve always been under the mindset that you shouldn’t buy an item if you won’t be able to care for it, or the care for it will be too expensive for the items use. What I notice more often than not these days though is that brands are using the ‘Dry Clean Only’ tag as more of a precaution rather than giving you proper cleaning instructions.

How to fade denim jeans or a denim jacket | Bleaching, Washing & Ageing

How To Lighten Jeans Or Your Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are one of the best light-weight jacket options for men’s and women’s summer wardrobes. Sometimes they can take a little breaking in to get that effortless look and if regular washing just isn’t doing the trick – I’ve got

how to wash your clothing clothes laundry

How To Wash Your Clothing – The Basics

Knowing how to wash your clothing isn’t as easy as it used to be, with new washing machines and a variety of solutions, fabrics and methods, it can really make you sweat. And because effortless bitches don’t sweat over anything other than a good sale, I’m here to show you the ropes.

How to stop your jeans from fading | Stop black and navy jeans from fading out.

How To Stop Your Jeans From Fading

If your jeans are intentionally faded, fabulous! But most of the time, we buy a great pair of jeans and it’s not long until our lovely denim duds have faded so much that we feel a little ripped off.

how to get chocolate out of clothing

How To Get Chocolate Out Of Clothing

We can’t all be perfect. Sometimes when we’re in need of a pick-me-up we’re in such a rush to feel that satisfaction that chocolate brings that we get chocolate all over our bold lips, manicured fingernails and amazing outfits.

How To Care For Your Jeans | How To Wash Your Jeans | Denim Care | Style Hacks

How To Care For Your Jeans

When we buy our jeans from the store, we try them on, twirl around in them, check our backsides, do the sit test and finally, hopefully, make a decision that they’re the winning pair. With all that fuss, only months later, you’ve got saggy jeans that look years old, have faded significantly and you don’t know why, but I do.

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