The new Busy Bitch Planner is here and it’s fabulous!

Busy Bitch Planner 2019 / Organise Your Life / Daily Planner

The 2019 Busy Bitch Planner is back and ready to organise your life!

I’ve been a little absent on the blog in the last month for a few reasons mainly though – I’ve been busy with work, this time of year is my craziest up until about March while juggling work, this blog and a few other exciting projects – this planner has been getting ready to help you all get your shit together in the new year and it’s been helping me just as much as I hope it helps you.

If this is your first time visiting the blog, in 2017, I produced a daily planner called the Busy Bitch Planner. If anything it was more of a side project that I was doing because I love organising things and who doesn’t love stationery -but I wasn’t expecting how much people would love them.

The new Busy Bitch Planner is here and it's fabulous!

Fast-forward to now, Christmas decorations have gone up in stores, some even have the audacity to play Christmas carols and I’ve got a brand spanking new planner ready to whip all of our backsides into place!

This one has a few more features than the last. This new planner is still full colour and has a spacious two day to a page layout and is much lighter than the last one and it’s refillable – which is perfect because working in fashion has made me realise what a huge impact the industry has on landfill. I’m not up for adding to the waste so I wanted to create something that can be refilled and reused year after year, a good investment that is chic and stands the test of time.

This planner is tabbed, has your favourite shopping and packing lists like last time, plus a list that will help you declutter your wardrobe when the mood prompts you. There are two handy pockets in the binder cover and I put together a big list of humorous, sarcastic and pointed fashion quotes for the bottom of each page (that was the best part!).

As always, I love making things as practical as possible for my clients and readers so I’ll be working on adding some downloadable and printed content that can be added to your planners over time. If anyone of my lovely readers has ideas that they’ve struggled to find in a planner – leave a comment below, you’re probably not the only person looking for a certain feature!

Busy Bitch Planner 2019 / Organise Your Life / Daily Planner

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