My Brand Fit Guide: Bras For Flat Chests

Stylist Alarna Hope shares her bras for flat chests fit guide! | Style Tips | Lingerie | Bra's | Sexy Underwear

I’ve always been flat chested. Growing up, I was under the impression that my boobs would grow to an average size someday, but that never happened. So I’ve been buying bras for flat chests for years and I’m here to share my wisdom.

I used to think that my world would be so much better if I just had boobs that resembled the ones I saw in Cosmo & Cleo mag, but when talking to my bigger busted friends about this they would always tell me how lucky I was not to have large breasts.

It’s one of those grass is always greener things that I still sometimes struggle with today when looking at dresses with fitted bodices and bust darts, or strapless numbers – but I’ve learned how to get around it by getting the right bras, being a boob magician and realising that my boobs are the same size as Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron and Debra Messing – all of these people are effortless bitches to me, so if they can pull it off, so can I.

So this week I decided to share with you some of my experience with fit on a few different bra brands I’ve tried on myself. Now, if the boob gods wanted it to be easy on us – they would have kept bra sizing standard, like in the good old days of well supported breasts. Instead they like to keep us guessing so on average I can tell you I’m a 10A or 32A.

Stylist Alarna Hope shares her bra's for flat chests fit guide! | Style Tips | Lingerie | Bra's | Sexy Underwear

Bras For Flat Chests

Chloe & Lola

Average Price: $40

My favourite everyday bra brand is by far Chloe & Lola when it comes to comfort, support and price. I find that even in a strapless bra (which will always fit tighter), I’m still very comfortable. The cups don’t dig into my flesh, they support and shape what’s there. I purchase their convertible and strapless bras in nude and black for my general bras.


Average Price: $30

This is probably my least favourite bra to wear, mainly because I find them a bit uncomfortable around the back. For me, Kayser runs small in the back and I always end up getting a 12A instead and the cups don’t seem to sit right. I love their designs and their briefs are great – but there’s no way in hell I’m going to allow back bulges just for a cute design.


Average Price $40

The bonds balconette bras come in a range of colours, both everyday and special occasion styles. I have a strapless black lacy one that is perfect for party dresses as the fabric doesn’t cling, the back fits comfortably and provides a smooth finish and the straps that come with it are easy to adjust and don’t twist as much as others in the wash.


Average Price: $50

I’ve got two Lovable bra and underwear sets and I find that the bras fit really well and actually make me look a little fuller in the chest. However, if you’re buying a set, think about sizing up on the bottom. I find the waistband is always a little snug if I go for a 10.

Pleasure State

Average Price – $70

I have two Pleasure State push up bras and WOWZAS, I feel like Sofia Vegara in these. Suddenly I’ve got boobs that have a mind of their own and they have absolutely no problem showing some kind of resemblance to cleavage. These bras are great for tops and dresses that require a fuller bust to fit properly. What I love about these bras is that they can boost me an entire cup size without being too tight in the back, giving me armpit fat or digging into my skin. If you’re looking for push up bras for flat chests, I’d recommend these the most.

Elle MacPherson

Average Price – $80

I have one Elle MacPherson set at home and I like it but I don’t love it. The design is gorgeous and the briefs are so comfortable but I find the bra to fit well in some areas and not so well in others. If her all of her bras came in a double A, my problems would likely be solved. I could have sized up in the back and down in the cup when I tried on her range if she sold the size, however, if I went up to a 12A the cups would have been too big. I went with a 10A in her ‘Blaze’ balconette style and while it didn’t give me unsightly bulges in the back, I felt a little like my grandma was squeezing me too tight. I only wear this bra if I know I’m going to be out for a few hours, anymore than that and I have to scoot to the bathroom, take it off and pop it in my clutch.

Fine Lines

Average Price – $55

Fine Lines is one of my go-to brands for strapless bras for flat chests and for sizes up to a D with clients also. I personally love their low plunge cut bras because they’re cut perfectly for those deep v’s and princess cut necklines. They’re a firmer fit in the strapless and low plunge cuts because they need that extra grip to support properly, if they came in double A’s I would be deep-v-ing everyday, shimmying with zero care and doing drastic moves on the dance floor on a night out – but they don’t. So if you’re an A that sometimes fits a AA like me, you’ll need to shimmy strategically as they seem to prefer a slightly fuller cup.

If you’re not too sure where you stand in terms for finds bras for flat chests and you feel like you’re a bit in between sizes, always get professionally fitted.

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