Autumn Winter Shopping Tips For Effortless Bitches

Fashion Stylist Alarna Hope's recent post: How To Prepare For Autumn Winter Shopping shares her shopping tips and tricks so that your autumn and winter style is effortless!

If you’ve been frequenting the shops lately, you’ll have noticed the array of autumn and winter clothing filtering through the stores.

What you might not have noticed is that nearly everything is full price and it’s not actually cold enough outside to wear a coat. I make this point because when we see these sparkly new season items, what’s practical seems to move out of our minds and we easily get sucked into purchasing items that are probably going to be on sale when the weather actually requires us to wear something warmer.

So, with this in mind, I’ve created a list for you. It’s a bit of a check list, something to keep in mind before you take your next winter shopping trip and come home with things you might not get the wear out of.

Know What You’ve Got

It’s so easy to double up on things you already have, we don’t need a billion cardigans or five pairs of black pants all in a similar cut. We get bored of our wardrobes because it’s the same old stuff and we’re stuck in habits. Work out what you’ve got too much of or don’t need any more of and take a photo of those items.

By taking a photo you’ll not only have a reference for matching items but in doing so you’ll create a memory the time you had to take a photo of the things you owned too much of so that in the future you’ll know not to double up.

Make A List

Now that you know what you’ve got, there are a few things that you probably noticed you’re missing. A good blazer, a denim jacket, some tan flats, whatever the items are, write them down and prioritise them. Don’t just head to the shops thinking ‘I need some winter clothing’ because you’ll end up over spending.

Get Fitted

Your boobs are more important than you think and they’re the base of a lot of your outfits. I remember a few years ago I was in the same set of changing rooms as another woman who I knew was a regular because I was a regular too. I was trying on a pair of gorgeous trousers and she was trying on a wrap style top but the back of it was sitting strangely and she asked me how I thought she looked, so I was honest with her. It was a beautiful colour, a great shape, but I thought it needed a better bra.

She knew I was a Stylist and I offered to take her down to the intimate apparel department of the store and introduce her to one of the fitters. After convincing her to get fitted, she came out with a smile on her face, ‘Guess what?’ she said, ‘I’m a 14, not a 16!’ and she waltzed away back to the clothing department with her perfectly hoisted bust and no bra lines! The point of the story, get fitted if you haven’t been in the last 12 months. Your underwear is the foundation of everything you wear.

How To Shop For Autumn Winter Outfits
Image source: Pinterest / The Fashion Cuisine

Set A Budget

How much do you have to spend? Be honest, what’re the priorities, and what can wait for a few weeks? If you don’t set a budget, you’ll come away having spent more than you intended. Sit down with your list of what you need and allocate your budget to each item so you don’t get sidetracked. As a general tip, include a ten percent buffer for your budget to include things like alterations.

Do Some Research

Don’t go to the shops without a plan, when you know what you need, that’s a great start. If you can do a little research online to try and track down the items you like, you can call ahead and ensure the stores you’re visiting actually have what you need. This stops you from spending too much time wandering and opening yourself up to impulse buying.

Hold On To Your Receipts

You might not get wear out of your new items straight away and if you don’t, you’re not going to know if they’re right for you or if they’re faulty or damaged because usually, by the time we get around to wearing the clothing, it’s usually been a month or so since you purchased it. If you don’t hold onto the receipts, you could get stuck in the colder months with faulty items or things that just aren’t right for you. Also, an added perk is that if the items go on sale within the refund period on your receipt, you could return and repurchase the items for the sale price. Not every store will allow this, but the majority of them do.

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