Personal Colour Analysis On Zoom / Online At Desk


There are some great reasons why getting your colours done can be an excellent start to looking and feeling your best. I’ll share those reasons with you today, but I also want to discuss extra areas you might not have considered that could help you determine if booking an online colour analysis is right for you.

Desktop with capsule wardrobe course on screen.

Benefits Of A Capsule Wardrobe

You’ve heard the words ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ repeated in fashion circles, organisational groups and minimalist movements for years! And in this weeks post, I’m sharing what are the benefits of a capsule wardrobe and why it may or may not work for you.

how to style statement coats

How To Style Statement Coats

This week I’ve been wearing my lovely hot pink statement coat just about everywhere during personal shopping sessions in Sydney. It made me think of all the other beautiful statement coats in people’s wardrobes that might not be getting as much wear because they don’t know how to style statement coats with colours other than black!

how to style brown ankle boots with jeans

How To Style Brown Ankle Boots With Jeans

Firstly, just like black, brown is a neutral tone – which means it can often serve as a base colour to build outfits from. Even if you don’t wear brown in your clothing and you really only wear brown in your accessories, you can still wear brown easily and mix it with your wardrobe.

how to style a blazer casually with Alarna Hope in a navy blue blazer

How To Style A Blazer Casually – New Video

As Sydney-siders start heading back to offices for staggered workdays and those working from home still have Zoom meetings to attend, I thought it would be a good time to discuss the blazer and how we can adapt it to these in-between times. So this week, let’s talk how to style a blazer casually.

Alarna Hope wearing green work pants with a cashmere jumper and viktoria woods retrograde trench coat

How Should A Trench Coat Fit A Woman?

It’s getting cold and even though we’ve mostly been indoors with the lockdown here, whenever I’ve had a chance to get outside I’ve been throwing on my trench coat – which made me think I hadn’t made a fit guide on that yet – so here it is! How should a trench coat fit a woman? And what should you look out for in a good quality trench, before investing in one?

Alarna Hope in a pleated midi skirt with a black and white wrap top

What To Wear With A Pleated Midi Skirt

Today we’re chatting what to wear with a pleated midi skirt, how to wear one, where should a midi skirt hit and I’ve also made a video to go along with this post, so scroll down if you want to check that out.

alarna hope in green winter coat and leather bag for cold weather packing article

Womens: Packing List For Cold Weather

When you’re heading off on your winter get-away, the fabrics you choose and how you pack your bags is important! Let me share with you my packing list for cold weather that you can print off and customise yourself and some advice on picking the best fabrics to take with you!

Blue and beige mens summer suiting - for suit terminology feature image

Suit Terminology – Fits & Drop Sizing

Have you ever walked into an Apple store and brought a computer from someone who didn’t know a thing about them? Or rode out of a dealership with a car that the salesman knew nothing technical about? If you don’t know what type of suit you’re buying, you could be buying a dud. So, this week I’m starting a new series called Suit Terminology, designed to cover the essential knowledge you need to pick up a suit that ticks the boxes in quality, fit and style.

How To Dress Broader Shoulders

Womens: How To Dress Broad Shoulders

Sometimes when we get dressed, we just can’t put our finger on the reason why that when our outfit seemed great in our minds, we ended up looking like a block with manicured fingernails, which is not the look we were going for.

Should You Marie Kondo Your Wardrobe? A Stylist shares her opinion on why you should consider other methods. Fashion Quotes | Wardrobe declutter | Marie Kondo folding

Before You Marie Kondo Your Wardrobe – READ THIS!

I’ll be the first to admit when Marie Kondo released her book; The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up came out, I read it and loved it, thinking she had very useful tips of simplifying the clutter in my home using her KonMari Method.

how a men's t-shirt should fit

Men’s: How A T-Shirt Should Fit

T-Shirts are a basic in anyone’s wardrobe, but especially a mans wardrobe. They’re worn year-round as a single piece or under layers and can be a piece heavily relied upon. With that in mind, I think we should learn how a t-shirt should fit so that every time we’re updating our wardrobe basics we’re nailing it.

Dressing for Menopause and Hot Flushes

Dressing For Menopause & Hot Flushes

This weeks weather had me thinking about the clients and family friends of mine currently experiencing one of the inconvenient things that come along with ageing as a woman. Menopause. Particularly, hot flushes in over 30 degree heat.

Where to hem your pants to for women

Where To Hem Your Pants To – Women’s Pants

I catch the train almost every day into the city to shop and on weekdays particularly I see hems sitting well past their intended length. Some are sitting crumpled around the ankle, others hugging the underneath of the wearers heel with a few grams of Sydney’s street grime on them and on the odd occasion I spy a little row of safety pins holding up a recently (or likely not so recently) fallen hem.

How should a pencil skirt fit, two women wearing different types of pencil skirts

How A Pencil Skirt Should Fit

The pencil skirt is one of those items women either love or tell me that they can’t wear. In actual fact, the pencil skirt, when fitted correctly is one of the most universally flattering skirts amongst A-Line and wrap style skirts.

The Strand Arcade in Sydney - Best Menswear Stores

My Top 10 Menswear Stores In Sydney City

As a Fashion Stylist, I’m constantly spending my time searching through racks of clothing for that perfect piece for my client. I know my clients and who they want to be and I know that just any old pair of pants won’t do. They have to be the pair of pants, or they won’t be suitable. Over my time shopping for men in Sydney City, I’ve come across many stores but there’s just some that take the cake.

Men's Wardrobe Inspiration | Feature image

Mens Wardrobes That Will Inspire You To Makeover Your Wardrobe

An organised wardrobe helps clients to see exactly what they own so that getting dressed is simple and adding duplicates of an item is avoided. When I start organising a mens wardrobe, I love to start by making sure all of the hangers are the same. It makes such a difference to the overall look and ensures that clothing is hanging at the same level throughout.

how a sports jacket should fit

How A Sports Jacket Should Fit

Looking to add something sharp to your wardrobe that’s not as formal as a blazer but not as casual as a bomber? The sports jacket is a great addition that’s classic, sharp and versatile and I love them! Especially when they fit well!

How to pick the right accessories for your suit | Men's suiting advice

How To Pick The Right Accessories For Your Suit

Looking good is all in the details, which is why picking the right accessories for your suit is important. Todays post is all about getting those accessories perfect, I’ll show you what ties to look for and point out a few lesser known styling tips that can make a big impact on your outfit.

What should groomsmen wear to a wedding in Sydney.

What Groomsmen Should Wear

So you popped the question, said yes, or just did what my parents did and said ‘we should get married’ followed by a ‘yeah, okay,’ and now you’re searching the internet looking for the answers on what groomsmen should wear, and maybe what you should wear too.

What are shoe trees and why do you need them? Men's Fashion Advice - Alarna Hope

Why Do You Need A Shoe Tree For Your Shoes?

Why do you need shoe trees and what are they for? Which type of shoe tree do you need and why? There’s a lovely cobbler in the Strand Arcade who is constantly looking at my new clients’ old shoes like he’s found a stray puppy. Paul from Coombs knows shoe care like no one else I know and he knows when someone isn’t looking after their shoes.

Busy Bitch Planner 2019 / Organise Your Life / Daily Planner

The new Busy Bitch Planner is here and it’s fabulous!

I’ve been a little absent on the blog in the last month for a few reasons, mainly I’ve been busy with work, this time of year is my craziest up until about March while juggling work, this blog and a few other exciting projects – this planner has been getting ready to help you all get your shit together in the new year and it’s been helping me just as much as I hope it helps you.

How to wear a denim jacket with jeans

Men’s: How To Wear A Denim Jacket

As much as a Style Icon, Justin Timberlake is now, he’s partly responsible for making men shy away from wearing denim jackets. He caused way too much confusion where there shouldn’t be. It’s a denim jacket. It’s not hard to go wrong until you wear an entire denim suit complete with a denim hat and a matching denim Brittany Spears. But if you really want to know how to pull off the denim jacket and actually look like a complete stud, here’s how.

How To Dress Like A Celebrity - The Truth About Why They Look Good In Everything | Alarna Hope, fashion stylist and blogger shares her insider experience on how to dress like a celebrity does and the tips and tricks they've been using for years.

Why Celebrities Look Good In EVERYTHING!

There’s a big secret many talented stylists and celebrities have been keeping for years. You all know the reason I started this blog was not only to help women dress in a way that makes them feel confident but let them in on the tricks effortlessly stylish people use to make clothing work.

Fashion Over 50 & 60 - How to update your style in your 50's and try new things!

Fashion Over 50 – Simple Steps To Updating Your Style

It’s no secret that brands, even those intended for women in their 50’s and 60’s, use much younger models to make us feel inspired by their clothing. We all know that sometimes it’s not inspiring at all, sometimes it just makes us feel lost.

How to wear printed socks | men's fashion | men's sock suits

How To Wear Printed Socks

It takes someone comfortable in his style to pull a look like this off, but you don’t have to be a style extraordinaire to do it. This look is perfect for the races, derby day, cocktail parties and smart casual events and helps you to look like the perfect gentleman when out and about.

Where to buy large womens shoes.

Large Women’s Shoes In Australia – Brand Directory

Shoes are supposed to be our guilty pleasures, the items we invest in because they’re gorgeous! They’re supposed to lift our outfits, our spirits and our backsides! We should all be able to have a good shoe collection, regardless of size.

How to deter impulse shopping / Compulsive shopping / Senseless buying / Sales tricks / How to shop smarter blog post

How To Ditch The Impulse Shopping

It’s not news to anyone that shopping for clothes can be damn hard. I love it, don’t get me wrong but I completely understand why my clients, especially my new ones don’t like to shop.

How to get more use out of your clothing and stop wasting money on items you rarely use. Style Advice | Practical fashion tips.

Is It Too Good To Wear?

We fell in love with them in the store and we’re worried about ruining them doing mundane tasks. So we save them, adoring them gathering dust and wishing we had the right place to wear them. I hear you!

How to remove that shoe odour from your closet \ How to stop your shoes from smelling

Remove That Shoe Odour From Your Closet

Because we wear our shoes for long periods of time, experience different heat levels, sweat into them, get dirt on them, we get them wet – then if we have a shoe closet or closed in area for our shoes, we pop them away.

How I've Made My Wardrobe A Happier Place Wardrobe Organising Closet Updates | Wardrobe Clutter | Fashion Quotes

Kicking My Own Happy Wardrobe Goals

Can you believe it’s nearly 2018? It dawned on me today when I was working on a photo shoot in a beautiful California bungalow style home, shooting luxurious towels in the warm sun what a different year this has been for me.

How to clean out your wardrobe | declutter | closet organisation

How To Clean Out Your Closet

The new year will be approaching soon, reminding us of all the things we planned to do but didn’t get around to because we got stuck on Pinterest, looking up recipes for diet food that doesn’t taste like diet food (sorry, we found no pins that matched your search). So, to start the new year feeling like an Effortless Bitch, you need to learn how to clean out your closet like a Fashion Stylist.

How to Buy Vintage Clothing

How To Buy Vintage Clothing

Some people buy vintage clothing that seems made for them, expensive and unique – and others shop for vintage but fail, bringing back things that reek of dust, stale perfume and moths – Erk!

Summer maternity wear Sydney Australia | Outfit ideas | Maternity shopping tips

Summer Maternity Wear For The Hot & Pregnant

I do not, for one second, envy those Effortless Bitches carrying a baby in Spring and Summer in Australia. If you’re not swollen from the pregnancy yet, you’re certainly sporting swollen feet from the heat and those sandals you got that had extra room for just that aren’t feeling so fab anymore. If you’re after some summer maternity clothing – follow me, I have the goods.

Bathroom and Makeup Storage \ Home organisation \ Makeup cabinet

Bathroom & Makeup Organisation Ideas

If you’ve been keeping up with my latest posts, you’d have read my Home Organisation Rampage article about being so motivated to organise that I’ve gotten angry when my Dymo labeller runs out of labels. I’m not ashamed to be that person.

Home Organising Tips | A Personal Stylist Shares The Things That Make Her Life Easier

My Home Organisation Rampage

Part of my job as a Stylist is to help clients maintain an interchangeable and organised wardrobe. Organising for me is contagious, I love containers and my Dymo labeller. The other day when my labeller ran out of labels, I felt like throwing my Ikea step ladder, that I was standing on, through the window.

How to store your clothing for a year or longer | clothing storage for the long term

How To Store Your Clothes For A Year Or Longer

This time of year, many of my clients are jetting off overseas for a few months at a time and leaving many of their gorgeous clothes in storage. The scary part about storing your clothing for a long period of time is that you could come home to find your clothes are mouldy, rust, moth or cockroach eaten and even discoloured. A horrible thought, I know.

How To Get A Core Wardrobe

How To Get A Core Wardrobe

Putting your own spin on fashion is what gives you style but it’s so easy to own too many plain or out-there items without having a healthy balance of both to give you a versatile wardrobe, that doesn’t get you stuck in a style rut.

What To Wear To School Pick Up

What To Wear To School Pick Up

Now I must admit, I haven’t been in a school for years.
I don’t have children and I like to keep a safe distance from un-hemmed pants, scuffed black shoes and the overwhelming scent of body spray, but when living in Sydney, it’s easy to pass the schools and see the general dress code that’s going on between mothers.

How To Care For Your Skin In Winter

How To Care For Your Skin In Winter

I have this problem in winter where I get dry skin between my eyebrows. Being in and out of heated shopping centres all day with clients and then in the cold outside can really give my skin a less than flawless glow.

How to wear a chelsea boot | What to wear with Chelsea boots header

How to Wear Chelsea Boots

I’m a sucker for them! They’re comfortable, smart and there are so many styles available which gives our style more individuality! In this post I’m sharing my tips for finding a good Chelsea boot and what you can wear with them!

The First Date Outfit

The First Date Outfit

When your heart is playing matchmaker, your wardrobe should too. What to wear on a first date is one of the most common questions asked on this blog, and I thought it was the right time I sit down and share my thoughts on it.

How to make your shoes more comfortable | Shoe care | Instant relief

How To Make Your Shoes Comfortable

The past two weekends I’ve had a number of social engagements and mixed with the weather, I admit, it’s been hard to dress. Everything looks so much better with a simple strappy heel, but when it’s 11 degrees outside (and as an Australian, I can’t compute this), keeping all of your toes just outweighs fashion.

My Brand Fit Guide: Bras For Flat Chests

My Brand Fit Guide: Bras For Flat Chests

I’ve always been flat chested. Growing up, I was under the impression that my boobs would grow to an average size someday, but that never happened. So I’ve been buying bras for flat chests for years and I’m here to share my wisdom.

Here's 10 reasons you're holding on to clothing and how to get past them so you can have a quality wardrobe. Wardrobe tips | Spring Cleaning | Closets | Style Tips | Fashion Advice

10 Reasons You’re Holding On To Clothing

I clean out at least one new wardrobe a week and after years of doing this, I’ve noticed that the reason clients hold onto things longer than necessary is for reasons other than not having time, or not knowing what to keep.

How to make your wardrobe neat | Wardrobe organisation tips

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Wardrobe Neat

Often in the new year, once we start getting back into the groove of things, our wardrobes and our homes organisation can end up taking the back seat. When part of your daily routine is finding something to wear, you want your wardrobe to be easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and maintainable. You don’t want to have to sort through a plethora of items just to find a good pair of jeans to wear.

When do you need to dry clean your clothes? Dry cleaning guide.

When Do You Need To Dry Clean Your Clothing?

I’ve always been under the mindset that you shouldn’t buy an item if you won’t be able to care for it, or the care for it will be too expensive for the items use. What I notice more often than not these days though is that brands are using the ‘Dry Clean Only’ tag as more of a precaution rather than giving you proper cleaning instructions.

5 reasons you should shop in bulk

5 Reasons Why Shopping In Bulk Is Smarter

If you’re like the majority of the population who shops for clothes in dribs and drabs, shopping in bulk probably seems a bit strange, not to mention, time consuming. Most of my clients hate shopping and I can understand why, the lines, the people, the mirrors and fitting room lighting. The ‘Oh my god, you look great it in that!’ girl who will say that to you if you’re wearing a tablecloth (as long as the store sells it). Shopping for most people can be a bit of a task. I get it.

what is business casual girl with a red bag in work clothes

What Is Business Casual & How To Do It Right

With so many different work environments, different bosses and office culture – it can be hard to work out what is business casual, what’s too casual and what’s just a plain old mess of dragging hems and boring black tattered work pants.

self love checklist body positive blog

The New Years Resolution And Going Down A Size

Ah, January 1st. That time of year when we’re all reminded to dust off our hideously stiff running shoes, strap our boobs down with sports bras and be #blessed and #eatclean until we develop summer bodies just in time for winter.

how to look tall in flats preview image in black flats

How To Look Tall In Flats

As someone who gets her cardio from walking around shopping centres in a brisk fashion and running up escalators the wrong way because I saw an item for a client as I got half way down, I know just how important a great pair of flats is and what an impact they can have on an outfit. One of the common things I hear clients say when trying on a new item is ‘I’ll have to wear heels with this.’

DIY Wardrobe Redesign For Renters & Owners | Closet Storage Hacks | Wardrobe Organisation

Do It Yourself: Wardrobe Redesign

If you’ve been spending your time on Pinterest looking at wardrobe design and gorgeous walk-in closets, but you’re not so handy with a hammer – I have some very exciting news.

Where to sell or donate your clothing in Sydney or online.

Where To Sell Or Donate Your Clothes In Sydney Or Online

When cleaning out a client’s wardrobe, one thing I hear a lot is a worried ‘How much money did I spend on clothes I’m not wearing?’ when they look to the pile of clothes we’re removing. With the new year fast approaching, many of us get the cleaning bug. We want to cull our wardrobes, our pantry’s, our garages, heck, even our makeup bags – but sometimes we don’t just want to throw the items away – we’d prefer to donate or sell them.

How to fade denim jeans or a denim jacket | Bleaching, Washing & Ageing

How To Lighten Jeans Or Your Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are one of the best light-weight jacket options for men’s and women’s summer wardrobes. Sometimes they can take a little breaking in to get that effortless look and if regular washing just isn’t doing the trick – I’ve got

how to wear spanx in summer

How To Wear Spanx In Summer

While summer usually requires less fabric, one thing we can get really stuck with is visible panty lines because summer fabrics are usually thinner when our backsides remain the same. Now, I don’t like to rely on spanx to make a dress look good, but sometimes a few Magnum Ego’s and jars of Nutella force me to when I have a summer event to go to and I plan to wear something a little more clingy.

how to fake longer legs

How To Fake Longer Legs With Clothing

I love a bit of leg, shaving them is quite a task, but in the right outfit – they’re amazing. Now this post isn’t for women who already have gloriously long, evenly toned legs.

quality shoes

How Long Should Quality Shoes Last?

I once worked in a shoe store and I would constantly get men and women coming in saying ‘I purchased these shoes x months ago, and they’re already falling apart.’ My inner effortless bitch wanted to say ‘WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING TO YOUR FABULOUS QUALITY SHOES!’ but my customer service voice had to take the shoes, refund them and blow them kisses as they left. Ugh.

How to tell if your shoes are good quality | What to look for in quality shoes.

What To Look For In Good Quality Shoes

A phrase I never hear women or men say when purchasing shoes are ‘only skinny people can wear that’ or ‘you’ve got to be a model to wear shoes like those.’ As a Stylist, I’m hearing these phrases come out of private clients mouths regularly when referring to clothing, but never when referring to shoes.

how to wash your clothing clothes laundry

How To Wash Your Clothing – The Basics

Knowing how to wash your clothing isn’t as easy as it used to be, with new washing machines and a variety of solutions, fabrics and methods, it can really make you sweat. And because effortless bitches don’t sweat over anything other than a good sale, I’m here to show you the ropes.

plus size clothing australia

Stylish Plus Size Swimwear For Effortless Bitches

When summer comes around, we often find ourselves walking past swimwear stores with one thought ‘Oh god, it’s that time again,’ and as someone whose only ever burned and jiggled in the sun myself, I’m part of that squad too.

what to wear to a networking event header

What To Wear To A Networking Event

When you run your own business, networking comes with it, as much as we may love or hate it. I have a love/hate relationship with it myself, do I go alone? Don’t I? How do I break the ice? When is the right time to hand over a business card without seeming too pushy? But one thing I’m not stuck on is knowing what to wear to a networking event.

How to stop your jeans from fading | Stop black and navy jeans from fading out.

How To Stop Your Jeans From Fading

If your jeans are intentionally faded, fabulous! But most of the time, we buy a great pair of jeans and it’s not long until our lovely denim duds have faded so much that we feel a little ripped off.

plus size brands australia

The A-Z Of Plus Size Brands In Australia

If you range between a size 8 to 12 in Australia, you usually don’t have much of a problem finding clothing, sizes 14 and 16 still aren’t that hard to find either – but once you hit a size 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 or 30 – your options can seem like they’re seriously low. But fear not my gorgeous, Effortless Bitches. I’ve been making lists again and from the reaction to our last curvy girls post where I made a lengthy list of brands you can shop with for formal wear, if you’re a size 16 to 22 in Australia (which you can have a geez at here), I decided to make another one!

fashion on a budget

Fashion On A Budget – Be Effortless AND Broke!

While I may be an expert on personal styling, there’s one thing that no matter how hard I try, I just can’t refrain from – and that’s spending money. Let me loose in a shop; furniture, clothing, cake, books, you name it and I am a dangerous financial blizzard thats bound to come out so broke that I’ll be forced into going on a tap water and buttered bread cleanse for the next two weeks. So knowing how to have style and play around with fashion on a budget is important to me for obvious reasons.

shoes for wide feet australia

Shoes For Wide Feet & Where To Get Them!

With the current selection of shoes in stores being mainly pointed and narrow toe – what do the women with wider feet or bunions have to choose from? To the untrained eye, not much! But as a Stylist, I come up with this issue with clients often.

lifestyle marketing

Are We Getting Tricked Into Being Boho?

Short answer, yes. And while you might be sitting there at your keyboard or staring at your phone, vigorously shaking your head, because boho style isn’t your thing, I hope you hair-sprayed your do today.

plus size dresses australia

Where To Find Plus Size Formal Dresses

While I would be the modelling industry’s idea of plus size at a size 10, I’ve never been in the position myself where I couldn’t find an evening dress because majority of brands didn’t cater for my size.

why going up a dress size can make you chic

Going Up A Dress Size Can Make You Look Chic

Fat days suck. They often come as a package deal with our time-of-month, full-moon looneys and forgetting our coffee cards right when we were due for a free coffee stamp. I hear you, sister. But lets not confuse ourselves between a fat day and a day where you might have to go up a size in clothing.

Alterations For Petites | The best alterations for petite women | Petite style

Alterations For Petites

We all have our go-to brands that we love to shop with, but when you want something fresh, because you’re petite, you feel limited.

five wardrobe essentials to invest in

Five Wardrobe Essentials To Invest In

We’ve seen all the must-have’s lists online and the ‘hot trends’ seasonal blog posts, so if you thought this was one of them, I don’t apologise for wearing my practical (and timeless) pants and telling you no.

what to wear when you work from home

What To Wear When You Work From Home

Studies have actually shown that those who work from home and get dressed like they’re going to an office, complete with hair and makeup, have a higher productivity rate than those who stay in their pyjamas or make little effort to get dressed.

Avoid making these classic mistakes and learn Fashion Stylist, Alarna Hope's style tips for shopping the right way!

Mistakes You’re Making In The Fitting Room

We all hate the fitting rooms, no one is excluded here. I’m not like one of those people that tells you I love it (just because I’m a strong advocate for trying before buying) when I secretly hate it.

how to get chocolate out of clothing

How To Get Chocolate Out Of Clothing

We can’t all be perfect. Sometimes when we’re in need of a pick-me-up we’re in such a rush to feel that satisfaction that chocolate brings that we get chocolate all over our bold lips, manicured fingernails and amazing outfits.

how to add colour to your winter wardrobe

How To Add Colour To Your Winter Wardrobe

While many of us are still soaking up what’s left of the sun, the stores are starting to fill with snippets of autumn and winter wardrobe pieces and we’re reminded – the dark season is coming and it’s time you learn how to add colour to your winter wardrobe.

Why you need a tailor \ Alterations in your wardrobe

Why You Need A Good Tailor

There is not one client I have that I don’t recommend clothing alterations to. For me, not recommending alteration would as disastrous and nightmarish as walking out of a store with a bag with a bag of spanking new crocs.

why trend magazines don't give you style

Why Trend Magazines Aren’t Giving You Personal Style

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great magazines out there with some brilliant fashion and lifestyle articles, but something that’s really hit home to me lately after a recent chat with my book agent, was how many of them actually consider you as a person and not as a consumer?

How to store your jewellery | Accessories storage hacks and ideas

How To Store Your Jewellery

If you’re an accessories lover, like me, you’ll notice that there is a huge gap in the market for jewellery storage that doesn’t take up crazy amounts of room.

five signs you're not dressing your age

Five Signs You’re Not Dressing Your Age

You know when you duck to the bathroom after spending some time out with others and you notice you have food stuck in your teeth? You think to yourself, why didn’t anyone tell me? They didn’t want you to get embarrassed but by not telling you, let you do just that.

what to wear to christmas lunch

What To Wear To Christmas Lunch

Many of us have mixed feelings about Christmas lunch, it’s a time to spend with your family, be thankful and eat until we’re definitely not zipping up our skinny jeans for at least a fortnight but it’s also a time that can be a little stressful when it comes to choosing what to wear. Sometimes you’re seeing people you haven’t seen in a while and you want to look your best but still be comfortable in the warm December weather. So what should you wear?

how to shop the boxing day sales

How To Shop The Boxing Day Sales

Being a Fashion Stylist, you could say that I never actually left retail because a big part of my job is finding items for clients. However, back when I did work in retail, I worked every boxing day sale and it wasn’t pretty, mainly because it’s filled with women who don’t know how to shop the boxing day sales like an Effortless Bitch would.

how to shop for accessories like an effortless bitch

How To Shop For Accessories

Every time I meet a new client and look through their wardrobe one of the first things I do is check out their accessories collection.

Heather McDowall Headwear

Heather McDowall – Custom Headwear

Ever fallen so in love with a piece of clothing or an accessory that all you want to do is wear it everywhere, take a thousand photos of it and drop its existence in your wardrobe into as many conversations as possible? You’re not alone.

how to measure yourself for online shopping

Measure Yourself For Online Shopping

Because sizing isn’t standard anymore and shopping online excites you too much, knowing your measurements is just as important as knowing how to tie your shoe laces. Step aside, That Effortless Bitch is showing you how to take your measurements this week!

how to dress your bridesmaids

How To Dress Your Bridesmaids

Getting your wedding party styled in the perfect way can be tough work, knowing how to dress your bridesmaids when they all have different bodies, styles and skin tones is just the beginning of it all.

what to wear when seeing your ex

What to Wear When Seeing Your Ex

Eek!!! We’ve all had our fair share of awkward parties where we strategically worked the room according to where our ex-was standing, in order to avoid them.

the wedding stylist

The Wedding Stylist

Years ago there was no such thing as a Bridal or Wedding Stylist, the person who helped the bride get her wedding parties outfits into order.

plus size fashion rules you should break today

Plus Size Fashion Rules You Should Break Today

When looking good only seems possible when the idea is attached to a certain size or body shape, it takes the fun right out of style and makes you feel like you’ve got less options. So instead of focusing on a number, focus on a feeling; confidence.

How to wear black on black | Styling tips | Winter style advice | Edgy style tips

How To Wear Black On Black

While most of us can agree that black is one of the main colours in our wardrobes, we can’t all agree that we know how to wear it without looking like a walking black blob of poor style choices. Fear not, I’m here with some more tips, this time it’s how to wear black on black in the best possible way.

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How To Care For Your Jeans

When we buy our jeans from the store, we try them on, twirl around in them, check our backsides, do the sit test and finally, hopefully, make a decision that they’re the winning pair. With all that fuss, only months later, you’ve got saggy jeans that look years old, have faded significantly and you don’t know why, but I do.

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