Australian Made Fashion Brands Directory – Womenswear

Australian Made Fashion Brand Directory

It’s not hard to see that the Australian economy is doing it tough and in recent months I’ve noticed a shift in clients preferences when shopping for their forever wardrobes. We’re moving more towards Australian made fashion brands and brands who try to keep as much production work as possible on our shores.

Whether it’s where our clothes are sewn or where our fabrics were sourced, the desire to focus on quality, Australian fashion is growing! So this week, I wanted to put together a list of brands who manufacture in Australia.

These brands either completely manufacture here or create a large portion of their products here in Australia, some of these brands have been a part of the Australian fashion landscape for a long time and others are new to the table, run by independent designers. I plan to grow this list over time so please leave a comment or get in touch to tell about a brand that you know manufactures in Australia and together we can create a lovely big shoppable list for everyone to enjoy!

Australian Made Fashion Brands To Shop In 2020

Australian Made Fashion Brands List
– Womens Wear


6 – 16 | Basics & Casual Wear

Anthea Crawford

8 – 18 | Workwear, Smart Casual & Formal Wear


6 – 14 | Smart Casual Wear, Basics, Workwear & Cocktail Attire

Baz Inc

6 – 16 | Transeasonal Wear | Casual, Smart Casual, Workwear & Cocktail Attire

Bec & Bridge

6 – 14 | Smart Casual Wear, Workwear, Formal Wear

Bianca Spender

4 – 16 | Smart Casual Wear, Workwear, Formal Wear

Carla Zampatti

4 – 16 | Smart Casual Wear, Workwear, Formal Wear

Cedar & Onyx

6 – 16 | Casual, Smart Casual Wear, Cocktail Attire

Citizen Wolf

Custom Sizes | Basic Tee’s, Singlets & Tops


4 – 14 | Workwear, Smart Casual Wear


6 – 16 | Denim, Basics, Casual Wear

Dominique Healy

6 – 14 | Casual Wear, Smart Casual Wear

Draft & Co

6 – 24 | Button Up Shirts In Natural Fabrics

Empire Rose

6 – 14 | Casual, Smart Casual Wear


12 – 26 | Basics, Casual Wear, Workwear, Cocktail Attire

Ilka The Label

6 – 16 | Tee’s, Casual Wear & Cocktail Attire

Jasmine Alexa

8 – 12 | Active & Leisure Wear

Lois Hazel

6 – 14 | Basics & Smart Casual Wear

Manning Cartell

4 – 14 | Smart Casual Wear, Formal Wear

Merino Country

4 – 30 | Basics, Casual Wear & Workwear

Nobody Denim

4 – 14 | Denim, Basics & Casual Wear

Perri Cutten

8 – 18 | Workwear & Formal Wear

RM Williams

6 – 18 | Casual Wear, Outerwear, Shoes & Leather Goods


8 – 16 | Linen Shirts & Dresses

Silk Wolfe

6 – 12 | Smart Casual Wear, Cocktail Attire

Twill & Tee

8 – 16 | Basics & Casual Clothing

Veronika Maine

6 – 16 | Workwear, Smart Casual Wear

Viktoria & Woods

4 – 14 | Casual Wear, Workwear, Smart Casual Wear

Australian Made Fashion Brands Directory - Womenswear

Australian Made Fashion Brands
– Shoes & Accessories

Australian Made Fashion Brands
– Intimate Apparel, Sleepwear & Swimwear

Boehm Intimates

6 – 16 | Bras, Underwear & Sleep masks

Contessa Volpi

8 – 16 | Swimwear

How To Support Brands Trying To Manufacture In Australia

It’s expensive and time-consuming to be an Australian made fashion brand when off-shore alternatives are more profitable and faster on product turn around. When you support a brand who manufactures in Australia and are accredited with an Ethical Clothing Accreditation, you’re supporting brands who provide a fair wage to their staff and are helping to stimulate the Australian economy. While it’s expensive to choose ethical and sustainable brands, it encourages us to shop slower and think about our purchases more.

To support more Australian made businesses, give them feedback on their brand and purchase from them when you can. The more feedback brands hear about their products, the more likely they will make positive changes that will keep you coming back to them.


  1. Avatar for michelle Ottaviano

    Empire Rose is a fashion label designed and manufactured in North Fremantle Perth WA. Stocked in many clothing boutiques in throughout Perth.
    Lux casual to going out apparel, edgy design and fabrics. I recently bought a black velvet bomber jacket and teamed it with a Tee and black satin cropped pant, golden goose sneakers for the long haul flight to Europe in January 2020. Also had a Jumpsuit made to order.

    1. Avatar for Alarna Hope

      Thank you Michelle! This is great, i’ll check them out and add them to my list!

  2. Avatar for Stanley Thomas

    Thanks so much for recognising and supporting Australian made brands. We are stronger together and I too love sharing all the talented designers creating locally.

    1. Avatar for Alarna Hope

      My pleasure Stanley, I’m looking to make another video on this subject in 2021 so if you know of any brands you think should be added – feel free to let me know!

  3. Avatar for Lana Murpy

    Homegrown and proud! Love all the brands

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