How To Add Colour To Your Winter Wardrobe

How To Add Colour To Your Winter Wardrobe

Learn How To Add Colour To Your Winter Wardrobe With Fashion Stylist Alarna Hope | Winter Style Tips | Winter Outfit Ideas | Colourful Winter Coats

While many of us are still soaking up what’s left of the sun, the stores are starting to fill with snippets of autumn and winter wardrobe pieces and we’re reminded – the dark season is coming and it’s time you learn how to add colour to your winter wardrobe.


So, this week, I’ve been in winter mode with clients. Shopping for the perfect core pieces as well as a few exciting items here and there to round things out, and the shock of majority of my clients who have ended up with colour (YAY!) in their winter wardrobe prompted me to write this post.


Every one knows that in winter our core colour becomes black and our statement pieces follow in equally dark tones, creating crowds of sometimes fashionable / sometimes sloppy, blob like figures parading our wet streets. Why is that? Well, after much scientific study on human behaviour, non-effortless bitches and wardrobes, I’ve come to a conclusion.


Winter is a style crippler.


It has been for years and will continue to try to cripple the otherwise good style of many women out there. Us, as Effortless Bitches, are the ones who lead by example, who show others that adding a little colour to a winter wardrobe keeps our style intact and makes our outfits inspiring and effortless. And don’t get me wrong, black is a great colour, but when everyone is wearing it, it lacks individuality. So, in the spirit of Effortless Bitchiness, I’ve rounded up some of the best coloured Autumn Winter pieces around that will add a punch of colour to your wardrobe and won’t leave you empty pocketed and involuntarily dieting for the week.

Need a little help knowing how to add colour to your winter wardrobe? Here’s a tip:


When you’re choosing items, don’t forget to think of the rest of your wardrobe. You still need to have items that match back with what you’ve purchased and there are ways other than buying clothing to add colour to your wardrobe. Buy a brighter shoe, or bag or a coloured necklace, have a bit more fun with your makeup and even with hats. Winter is no excuse for your style to fade and for you to feel like you’ve got nothing to wear. Jump into your wardrobe and have a look at what you’ve got, make a list of what you need and head into the shops with a plan of action!

Alarna Hope

Alarna Hope is a fashion stylist and writer based in Sydney, she's considered an expert in her field as a personal stylist and is also quite good at writing about herself in the third person. She cries during movie makeover scenes, has a jar of Nutella under her bed for safety and can tell you the synopsis of every Kath and Kim episode ever. She currently resides in Sydney with her Oscar-worthy cat, Meryl Streep.

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