How To Add Colour To Your Winter Wardrobe

Learn How To Add Colour To Your Winter Wardrobe With Fashion Stylist Alarna Hope | Winter Style Tips | Winter Outfit Ideas | Colourful Winter Coats

While many of us are still soaking up what’s left of the sun, the stores are starting to fill with snippets of autumn and winter wardrobe pieces and we’re reminded – the dark season is coming and it’s time you learn how to add colour to your winter wardrobe.

So, this week, I’ve been in winter mode with clients. Shopping for the perfect core pieces as well as a few exciting items here and there to round things out, and the shock of majority of my clients who have ended up with colour (YAY!) in their winter wardrobe prompted me to write this post.

Everyone knows that in winter our core colour becomes black and our statement pieces follow in equally dark tones, creating crowds of sometimes fashionable / sometimes blob like figures parading our wet streets. Why is that? Well, after much study on my clients and wardrobes, I’ve come to a conclusion.

Winter is a style crippler.

It has been for years and will continue to try to cripple the otherwise good style of many women out there. And don’t get me wrong, black is a great colour for winter, but when everyone is wearing it, it lacks individuality. So, in the spirit of Effortless Bitchiness, I’ve rounded up some winter inspiration to help you inject some colour into your winter wardrobe.

Start with Accessories

A coloured boot, a printed scarf or an interesting handbag will instantly lift your look. You don’t need to go all out, little bits of colour here and there – even in an earring, will work well. I like to buy accessories in colour groups, ie: brown bag, a printed scarf with brown in it, a brown belt, etc. Having sets will help you put your looks together fast and keep your outfits looking cohesive.

Introduce Dark Colours

When you’ve really only got black in your winter wardrobe, adding other dark colours can’t hurt it. Think, dark greens, maroons, deep purples and dark orange. A statement coat will certainly help, but on winter days where it’s not as cold, having a skirt or a top in one of these colours can break up the look without clashing.

Add A Lighter Tone

Once you’ve added a few darker colours, pick one colour and add a piece just a few shades lighter than it. An example of this could be that you have a dark green coat, so a slightly lighter green will add a fresh perspective to your look and it will still work with black! Hooray!

If you want to dive deeper into colour picking, matching and print mixing – plus you’d like to get out of the ALL I WEAR IS BLACK wardrobe drama, I’ve got a course you’ll love. Check it out here!

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