Busy Bitch Planner 2019 / Organise Your Life / Daily Planner

The new Busy Bitch Planner is here and it’s fabulous!

I’ve been a little absent on the blog in the last month for a few reasons, mainly I’ve been busy with work, this time of year is my craziest up until about March while juggling work, this blog and a few other exciting projects – this planner has been getting ready to help you all get your shit together in the new year and it’s been helping me just as much as I hope it helps you.

How to wear a denim jacket with jeans

Men’s: How To Wear A Denim Jacket

As much as a Style Icon, Justin Timberlake is now, he’s partly responsible for making men shy away from wearing denim jackets. He caused way too much confusion where there shouldn’t be. It’s a denim jacket. It’s not hard to go wrong until you wear an entire denim suit complete with a denim hat and a matching denim Brittany Spears. But if you really want to know how to pull off the denim jacket and actually look like a complete stud, here’s how.

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