How To Stay Warm & Chic On A Winter Holiday | Holiday and Travel Style Tips | Packing Tips | Winter Style | Lake Tahoe

How To Stay Warm & Chic While On Holiday

Recently I took a little trip to the United States to visit one of my favourite places, Lake Tahoe. Sitting on the border of California and Nevada it’s a big lake surrounded by small log cabin style towns and big pine trees – and it was damn cold!

My Brand Fit Guide: Bras For Flat Chests

My Brand Fit Guide: Bras For Flat Chests

I’ve always been flat chested. Growing up, I was under the impression that my boobs would grow to an average size someday, but that never happened. So I’ve been buying bras for flat chests for years and I’m here to share my wisdom.

Here's 10 reasons you're holding on to clothing and how to get past them so you can have a quality wardrobe. Wardrobe tips | Spring Cleaning | Closets | Style Tips | Fashion Advice

10 Reasons You’re Holding On To Clothing

I clean out at least one new wardrobe a week and after years of doing this, I’ve noticed that the reason clients hold onto things longer than necessary is for reasons other than not having time, or not knowing what to keep.

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