10 Reasons You’re Holding On To Clothing

10- Reasons why you won't cull your wardrobe | Declutter your wardrobe | Wardrobe Organisation

I clean out at least one new wardrobe a week and after years of doing this, I’ve noticed that the reason clients hold onto things longer than necessary is for reasons other than not having time, or not knowing what to keep.

Because I’m exceptionally gifted at cutting through the clutter, b.s. and lapses of judgement in style – I’m here to shed some light on why you might be struggling to remove some things from your wardrobe and how you can work your way around it.

It’s still got the tags on it.

It’s been sitting in there for a year, or maybe you got it on sale but it’s still not been worn. You might have been intending to return it but never got around to it or you might be mixing the fact that it still has tags with one of the other reasons below. Try the item on and work out if there’s a reason why you haven’t worn it. If it can be solved with a simple alteration or a jacket to go with it – consider if the additional investment is worth it and only keep the item if you feel fabulous in it.

10- Reasons why you won't cull your wardrobe | Declutter your wardrobe | Wardrobe Organisation | Fashion Quotes

It was expensive.

We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve spent a little bit too much on an item, rarely worn it but can’t bear the thought of donating it or throwing it away because of how much we spent on it. Well consider this, wardrobe space (especially city wardrobe space) is expensive, filling up your wardrobes with things that don’t make you feel fabulous is not only taking up that valuable space – but contributing to the mental clutter you have to sift through of a morning to get dressed. Try selling the item on Facebook or Depop, or donate it to the Salvation Army or Dressed For Success.

It was a gift or bridesmaids dress.

Another frilly over the top scarf? Or a cast off from your mother in law that for some reason she thought you would like? Everyone has gifted clothing and it’s really tough to get right, if you don’t want to keep the item and have not been asked about it by the gifter but fear you might; have a friend take some photos of you wearing that item. Have these photos on hand for the odd occasion when the person who gave it to you asks if you’ve worn it recently and if you really hate the item and you’re still holding onto it – donate it. Someone else might love it and if the giftee asks, say your stylist told you to do it. 😉

It fitted you when you were another size.

I remember keeping a pair of khaki coloured jeans in a size 7 for the day I thought I might miraculously lose my hip bones and be a 7 again. Let’s all laugh about that for a moment because this booty isn’t fitting into anything in a size 7. I kept these jeans for about 4 years, from when I was a teenager with little hips to when I was a semi-adult with thighs, a bum and hips bigger than any other area of my body. While it may have seemed like a motivator to lose weight, it only reminded me that I wasn’t skinny enough. Mix these thoughts with working in the fashion industry and you start having some very unhealthy thoughts.

Don’t let your daily style routine involve a self-induced body shaming session. Banish the things that don’t fit and embrace your curves; they’re pretty damn fabulous.

10- Reasons why you won't cull your wardrobe | Declutter your wardrobe | Wardrobe Organisation | Fashion Quotes

It’s sentimental.

You don’t need to throw away your wedding dress, your grandmother’s cardigan or your mother’s denim jacket. You just don’t need to store them in the space you use every single day. If you don’t plan to wear these items in the near future, don’t store them in your everyday closet. Find a cool and dry spot under your bed or in another part of your home that you can store these items and make a little extra room in your wardrobe. Storing them with your regular clothing will only create more of a treat for moths, silverfish and other nasty little closet critters.

It’s considered a core item.

Repeat after me, the core wardrobe is not the same for everyone. You don’t have to have the little black dress or the black blazer, you don’t always need jeans or a white cotton shirt. You need some basics that are plain, but your basics will be different to the next persons. Don’t hold on to an item just because it’s considered a basic when you’re not wearing it. Remember what I said about wardrobe space being expensive? Don’t waste it!

It’s a formal item that everyone has seen you in too many times.

The dress is gorgeous, but you’ve worn it to every damn formal event for the last 3 years and now people just expect you to wear it and you’re thinking that they’re going to think ‘that dress again!’ then maybe it’s time you stop buying formal dresses and start renting them. Get Dressed Hire, GlamCorner and Your Closet can sort you out Australia wide.

It might come back in fashion.

Yes, fashion is a revolving door, but you want to be able to shut your closet doors. And holding onto an item because it might come back in fashion is like holding onto the size 7 jeans that just won’t fit. Sure one day, they might. It’s possible but if the item does come back into fashion – remember that fashion is built on trends. Trends often last 3 months. Are you holding onto an item for years in case you might wear it for a few days over 3 months? That’s nonsense.

You don’t have any items to match with it yet.

If you’ve got something that you feel really fantastic in, but you don’t have anything to go with it – get something to go with it. If you feel a bit ‘meh’ about it, remove it, sell it or donate it. You don’t deserve ‘meh’ style.

It needs to be altered or repaired.

We all put off going to the tailors, but if it’s worth the investment so you’ll wear the item then hop to it. Put the items in a bag by the door and drop them off on your next trip out. No excuses. If you still haven’t done it within the week, donate them. You don’t need them.

Now that you’ve got this great list of excuses and ways to turn them into a nice neat wardrobe, jump on over to my recent post about three easy steps to making your wardrobe neat and don’t forget to subscribe to get free downloadables and styling tips!

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